Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You Tube

My book "The Day I Saw a Dragonfly" is now on You Tube. Check it out!!

Feeling Lonely

I never realized until the past few weeks that whenever I was lonely in the past, I would call my Mom.
My husband has had to travel a lot for work recently and I am feeling like I am forgetting something each evening before I go to bed. I realize it may be because he isn't here. I do, however, think that if my parents were still alive I would probably call them a lot when my husband is out of town. I miss them terribly and being alone with my thoughts reminds me of that simple fact.
I really wonder sometimes if it is normal to think about missing my parents as much as I do. I didn't think of them as often when they were alive, so why do I think of them so often now? I just find that to be a little strange. How can I teach myself to not think of them each day? I try so hard to hear their voices in my head. Is that strange? I am really scared I am going to forget what their voices sounded like.
Anyway, that is what I think about when I am feeling lonely.