Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Basketball voices

I am the extremely proud mother of two girls that both made the middle school basketball team this year. They have had three games and are still undefeated. Both my daughters have improved so much in the few weeks they have been playing, and have had plenty of game time. Going to the games has been so exciting and fun, however, it is in my moments of happiness that I miss my Dad more than ever. He would have been so proud of them watching them play. He probably would have volunteered to either announce the starting line up at the beginning of the games, or would have run the clock for fun to stay busy during the game. Remembering his voice announce games really makes me smile now, but I was slightly embarrassed back then. He really got onto the announcing! I regret not having him recorded doing at least one game. I would love to play his voice for my daughters to see their faces at how loud and fun his voice was during the games. It doesn't seem like he has been gone nine years until I struggle to remember his voice. I just wish I could hear it one more time.

Friday, September 16, 2011

September eleventh angels

     It was amazing to me that on the tenth anniversary of September eleventh I received numerous emails and calls about people seeing hundreds of dragonflies flying all around.  Some even said they saw thousands.  I too saw hundreds at the soccer field, and they were the ginormous kind, the kind where you can see their eyes as they fly by you.   Those are the best because they actually look like the illustrations in my book.

     After pondering the significance of seeing thousands on 9-11, I called a friend that had seen them near her home, who also has a fantastic camera, to see if she could see them the next evening and take a picture for me. I honestly thought I would be able to share a photo here on my blog.  All week long I had people looking for hundreds of dragonflies flying together like so many had seen on Sunday 9-11, and not one person saw them again,  therefore, I have no photo.  Although I have no photo, I do think it is incredible that so many saw this beautiful site on September eleventh.  Thousands of 9-11 angels letting their loved ones know they are there, watching over them.

     It gives me great pleasure to help others with my dragonfly story, and when I hear so many connect dragonflies with their loved ones now, I am thrilled!!! Although  my parents died very young, everyone out there is looking for a sign from their loved ones who may have died young, or in an accident, on 9-11.  Everyone has a story.  I am honored to bring comfort to those who need to believe.  

     I believe all the dragonfly sightings were the September eleventh angels. >!<