Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Summer is the best season for me throughout the year. I love the long warm days with no schedule for my kids except deciding on a fun activity, or having friends over.
Summertime also brings many memories of my childhood back to me. Sounds and smells are really what triggers these memories. It is hard to believe that the human senses help keep things so close to your heart.
The smell of certain flowers or plants outside remind me of playing catch with my father in our backyard in upstate NY. Being a major tomboy, this was one of the daily summertime activities I did with my Dad. He, being the father of three girls, also enjoyed this time with me, the one daughter that liked to play any sport he suggested. I loved this time because it was just he and I. My sisters and mother were never interested in joining us, and to me, that was perfect. Being the quiet middle sister, this time was welcomed not only because I loved playing catch, but because my sisters were not talking over the top of me. I usually had the least amount to say in our family. I honestly did not mind, just as long as I could get my own time in, on my own terms. I enjoyed listening and still do. A skill that not many have.
If I were to close my eyes and hear the sound a ball makes as it smacks the leather of a glove, I can be taken intantly to my backyard. This sound, coupled with the smell of the summer flowers in the air, is something I am very thankful for. Thankful to have not forgotten my Dad who I miss more than words can explain.
July 2nd 2002 was the day he died, but with my memories I can keep him alive, especially when I feel the need to play catch and have alone time, with just he and I.

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