Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The phone number to heaven

Okay, so it is mornings like today where I need to talk to one or both of my parents and wish that heaven had an 800 number.  I have two girls who are basically night and day.  They are only a year apart, and I actually have to use multiple personalities in the morning to get them out the door for school.
My oldest follows directions, is most of the time organized, and is very peaceful and sweet in the morning.  This is the best environment for me as well.  Things as smooth as butta!  She gets a show almost every morning from myself and her little sister.
My youngest is one of the sweetest most thoughtful people I know.  Her teachers think she is an angel and wish there were a classroom of kids like her.  I need to video tape her in the morning.  The outfit is never right, the hair never right, can't find my shoes, don't like that cereal, etc...  Unfortunately, I nine times out of ten, I engage with her in the morning and boy is it ugly!  I tell myself not to, but she presses every button I own. 
I don't remember ever behaving this way.  If I did, I would have been so sorry.  I parent differently than my parents did, but I'd just like to talk to them to hear how they would handle my youngest.  I need advice from two people that loved me unconditionally, because I know I was a challenge at times.
In closing, if any one knows the number to heaven, please let me know.  Thanks.

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