Thursday, October 1, 2009

Special Time

As I take out my fall/Halloween decorations this week, I am reminded of decoration day at my house as a child.  Halloween was a big deal in my house, it was my father's favorite holiday!  My Mom made it her job to make the house look awesome!!  I remember her putting all the decorations on the dining room table and when we got home from school we were allowed to help put them all over the house!  This was a special treat!  I never realized until today how special that time was with my Mom.  We didn't go anywhere, or spend any money, we just made our house so cool together.  Her needing mine and my sister's help with this task made me feel so special!  She always had little stories to tell about each decoration, so after many years, we knew the history of all the decorations we had!!   My all time favorite was the ceramic pumpkin that sat in the middle of our kitchen table, always stocked with candy corn.  My father had a weakness for candy corn.  Every time he walked by the table you would hear the pumpkin open and him take a handful.  A sound that is embedded in my memory bank.
So today, as I take out my fall/Halloween decorations, I am putting them on my dining room table for my girls and I to do together when they get home from school.  I am going to tell them a story about each decoration, and play some spooky music. I definatley need to go to the store before then to get some candy corn for my pumpkin!!

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