Monday, October 19, 2009

I survived

Okay, so my Birthday came and went. It was a great Birthday. My daughters are so sweet, they made me a graham cracker beach house complete with ocean, sand, beach umbrella chairs, as well as a snack shack. They know me all too well.
The hubby was great too, made breakfast and we all went to dinner!! An all around fantastic day.
Unfortunately for me, my new normal is that at least part of the day is spent wishing my Mom and Dad would call me and sing Happy Birthday. They always did that every year. Deep down inside I am waiting for the phone to ring to hear the voices I haven't heard in so long. It is amazing how often I think of my parents now that they aren't here.
I wonder if they know I think of them? I hope they do. I hope they know I realize now that they did the best they could as parents, even though we didn't always agree. That is all any of us can do is our best. If we leave earth knowing we did our best, hopefully the afterlife is spent with no regrets!! I, however, don't want to have any regrets in this life either. Maybe if I live my life on earth with no regrets, when I go, my children will be happy I lead such an amazing life with them!

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  1. This is so true! Even with my mom still alive, I long to hear a happy birthday wish from my dad! Today (Nov. 1) is his birthday. I'm never really sure what to do today except make sure that I talk more about him and and tell the kids how old he would be, etc. Fun to watch them do the math. My dad really was young (60) when he died. Mindi (my name comes up as Oski...must be an account Sean created!!)