Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Spookiest Day of the Year!!

I love Halloween! It is so fun to dress up and be silly, scarey, pretty, or whatever you choose on this fun day!! I love the smiles on my girls faces when my husband and I dress up and join in all the fun.
I have wonderful childhood memories of Trick or Treating in a small town where everyone wanted to come to my house because my Dad put on a Halloween Show every year!! I was so proud of him that day!! His costume was always kept a secret until he came out of his room in character. I loved the band Kiss as a tween, and my Dad came out dressed like Gene Simmons one year! He looked exactly like him!! That was a great Halloween!!
When I put on my costume each year, I hope I am creating memories for my children that they will have with them forever.
Happpy Halloween!!

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