Friday, October 2, 2009

Making people smile

I love mornings like today when I get to start my day making hundreds of people smile and giggle!  My children's school mascot is Chirp the Eagle and we have a fantastic mascot costume to wear for spirit days or events at the school.  My all time favorite volunteer position is dressing up like Chirp.  It is wonderful being able to dance around and act silly and nobody knows that it is me!! 
My girls and I arrive early at the school and sneak into the room wear the costume is.  They both help me put it on with huge smiles on their faces all the while telling me I am the coolest Mom ever!  When the costume is on we start walking around the school together.  It is still pretty early, so we go to say hello to their teachers and get ready for the buses to arrive.  That is when I take my spot in front of the school as the buses start to pull up.  I dance and wave at the smiling children in the windows of the buses.  As they enter the school they all give me hugs and high fives.  The smiles are priceless!!
Today is family fun day and in a few hours I get to do this awesome job all over again!  I need to work on my moves, so wish me luck.  Remember making people smile is one of the best things to do on any given day.  It is very contagious!!

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